The Department

The Department of Instrumentation & Control Engineering of Sri Sairam Engineering College was started in 1998 and has seen many endaevours during its journey. The Department produces good results with distinction and Ranks in University Examinations (27 Ranks) and notably holds the record in the college for producing the First Gold Medal under Anna University.

Over the decade, the department has witnessed a series of acheivements in curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities as well. ICE has been ranked first for two consecutive years based on the results of the examinations held on November’08 and May’09 among all the colleges offering ICE in Tamil Nadu.

Conscenze 2k13


General Rules

Team shall contain a Maximum of Two members

The Paper should be in IEEE format

The first page of paper should contain name of the paper, name of author(s), email id(s), & contact number along with name of institute(s)

Incomplete entries in any case are liable to rejection

Last date for submission: 16/08/2014

Paper Topics

Trends in Process Control & Automation
Soft Computing
Health Care techniques
Smart Sensors
Alternative Energy Systems
Applications of Embedded Systems

General Rules

Team shall contain a Maximum of Two members

Robot Length - 30cm (MAX)

Robot Width - 15cm (MAX)

Voltage between any two points should not exceed 12V

IC Engines not allowed

Event Specifics

  1. The Robot should be designed to move the ball into the goal
  2. Two bots compete against each other with a half time of 5 minutes
  3. In Case of a Draw, Penalty Shoot out will be conducted
  4. The bot should not enclose the ball at any time, It Can only hold possesion by dribbling the ball
  5. The committee's verdict is final
  6. Teams will be playing in Round Robin mode
  7. Top two teams in each group will be advancing to Semis
  8. Pitch Specifications will not be disclosed
  9. Wired (or) Unwired

General Instructions

Team shall contain a Maximum of Two members

Participants must be from the same college

10 teams are eligible to compete in the finals

Event details

Quiz Master's decision is the Final
Tie Breaker will be conducted in case of a tie
Finals will be conducted on the day of Symposium
Participants who have registered online can only participate prelims
Participants, Like us

Boys should strictly follow the formal dress code with shoes. Students who do not follow these rules will not be allowed to enter the college campus.

No Jeans & T-Shirts for Boys

Only Churidhar for Girls

Electronic Gadgets are not allowed inside the campus. Participants can give their Electronics in the gate and shall collect it before leaving.

Mobile Phones Strictly prohibited

MP3 Players, iPods not allowed

Laptops & Pendrives permitted

Student Identification Card is Compulsory for Registration as well as to enter the college.

Event Location

Sri Sairam Engineering College
Sai Leo Nagar
West Tambaram
Chennai - 600044