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Internship – In Plant Training- Industrial Visit

Sl. No.Name of TrainingName of the institution/ industry /research labDuration (From-To)
1In Plant TrainingRailway Carriage & Wagon Works, Perambur11.6.18 to 18-6-18
21.5.18 to 26.5.18
2In Plant TrainingCPCL,Chennai28.5.18 to 1.6.18
3In Plant TrainingSAIPEM India Private Ltd,Chennai2.7.18 to 6.7.18
4In Plant TrainingBSNL,Minakbakkam12.6.18 to 23.6.18
5In Plant TrainingKothari Sugars & Chemicals Ltd,Ariyalur8.6.18 to 12.6.18
6In Plant TrainingPerfect Gears,KK Nagar,Chennai18.6.18 to 20.6.18
7In Plant TrainingTVS Motor Ltd,Hosur21.5.18 to 25.5.18
8In Plant TrainingCode bind Technologies17.6.18 to 21.6.18
9In Plant TrainingSri Ambiga Sugars Ltd,Eraiyur18.6.18 to 20.6.18
10In Plant TrainingBHEL,Ranipet21.5.18 to 25.5.18
11In Plant TrainingTitan Company Ltd,Hosur14.5.18 to 19.5.18
12In Plant TrainingOrbit Control and services2.6.18 to 19.6.18
7.6.18 to 23.6.18
13In Plant TrainingOne Yes Technology23.6.18 to 25.6.18
14In Plant TrainingIITM Research Park15.6.18 to 17.6.18
15In Plant TrainingUniq Technologies4.6.18 to 8.6.18
16In Plant TrainingRane Brake Ltd21.6.18 to 27.6.18
17In Plant TrainingDelux Rubbers and polymers18.6.18 to 22.6.18
18In Plant TrainingZip Industry Ltd15.6.18 to 18.6.18
19In Plant TrainingAtalon18.6.18 to 22.6.18
20Industrial VisitChemin Controls and Instrumentation PVT. Ltd.4.8.18
21Industrial VisitNLC India3.10.18
22Industrial VisitSignals And Systems Pvt Ltd Chennai04.02.19
23Industrial VisitRLT Instruments12.2.19
24Industrial VisitTechnocrat Automation Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chennai23.02.2019
25Industrial VisitTAQA Neyveli Power Company Ltd, Cuddalore13.03.2019

Sl. No.Name of TrainingName of the institution/ industry /research labDuration
1.         Industrial VisitTAQA Neyveli Power Company Ltd, Cuddalore16.02.2018
2.         Industrial VisitTechnocrat Automation Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chennai23.02.2018
3.         Industrial VisitAshok Leyland Ennore Unit21.09.2017
4.         Industrial VisitTechno Testing Services Pvt Ltd23.09.2017
5.         Industrial VisitRLT Instruments Chengalpet20.09.2017
6.         In Plant trainingICF29.11.2017 to 6.12.2017
7.         In Plant trainingRETECH Solutions23.12.2017 to 25.12.2017
8.         In Plant trainingSeshsayee paper and Boards Ltd26.12.2017 to28.12.2017
9.         In Plant trainingSenlogic Automation27.12.2017 to30.12.2017
10.      In Plant trainingCodebind technologies09.12.2017 to13.12.2017
11.      In Plant trainingRailtel Corporation of India29.11.2017 to 5.12.2017

Sl. No.Name of Training Name of the institution/ industry /research lab Duration
1.       Industrial VisitNeyveli Lignite corporation Ltd Cuddalore07.03.2017
2.       Industrial VisitAxis Global Institute of Industrial Training (AGIIT) Chennai04.03.2017
3.       InternshipINAUTIXDec-2016-Mar-2017
4.       In Plant trainingBSNL12.06.2017-16.06.2017
5.       In Plant trainingStrider Sharan03.04.2017-22.06.2017
6.       In Plant trainingPantech25.06.2017
7.       In Plant trainingNeyveli power Company Ltd19.06.2017-21.06.2017
8.       In Plant trainingTVS12.06.2017-16.06.2017
9.       Industrial VisitCouncil of Scientific & Industrial Research (CEERI) Chennai28.08.2016
10.   Industrial VisitEID-Parry Sugar Factory Cuddalore06.08.2016
11.   Industrial VisitTechnocrat Automation Ltd Chennai15.07.2016

Sl. No.Name of Training Name of the institution/ industry /research lab Duration
1.       Industrial VisitTII-Technao Testing Instruments Pvt Ltd06.02.2016
2.       Industrial VisitSatish Dhawan Space Centre (SHAR)17.03.2016
3.       In Plant trainingMSME Chennai16.06.2016-22.06.2016
4.       In Plant trainingEID Parry Cuddalore21.06.2016-25.06.2016
5.       In Plant trainingIndia Cements Salem16.06.2016-22.06.2016
6.       In Plant trainingPhyssen Krupp Industries India
7.       In Plant trainingChennai Port trust20.12.2016-24.12.2016
8.       In Plant trainingCSIR CEERI19.12.2016-23.12.2016
9.       In Plant trainingUniQTecnologies19.11.2016-20.11.2016
10.   In Plant trainingBSNL05.12.2016-09.12.2016
11.   In Plant trainingSalem Steel Plant21.12.2016-27.12.2016
12.   In Plant trainingKothari Petrochemicals07.12.2016-10.12.2016
13.   In Plant trainingPetrofac05.12.2016-26.12.2016
14.   InternshipZOHODec-15 - Mar-2016
15.   Industrial VisitOrchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd14.08.2015
16.   Industrial VisitAll India Radio High Power Transmitter Chennai21.08.2015
17.   Industrial VisitTamilnadu Cement Corporation Ltd Ariyalur16.09.2015

Sl. NoName of TrainingName of the institution/ industry /research lab Duration
1.       In Plant trainingICF05.02.2015-12.02.2015
2.       In Plant trainingCode Bind Technologies03.02.2015
3.       In Plant trainingIGCAR04.02.2015-11.02.2015
4.       In Plant trainingL&T Rubber Processing02.02.2015-07.02.2015
5.       In Plant trainingSouthern Railway02.02.2015-06.02.2015
6.       In Plant trainingChennai Port Trust02.02.2015-06.02.2015
7.       In Plant trainingChettinad Cements02.02.2015-06.02.2015
8.       In Plant trainingCode Bind Technologies03.02.2015-07.02.2015
9.       In Plant trainingEnnore Thermal Plant28.01.2015-30.01.2015
10.   In Plant trainingSalem Steel Plant28.01.2015-31.01.2015
11.   In Plant trainingAshok Leyland04.02.2015-06.02.2015
12.   In Plant trainingVI-Micro Systems02.02.2015-06.02.2015
13.   In Plant trainingAndrew Yule & Company Ltd08.06.2015-10.06.2015
14.   In Plant trainingBarath Electronics Ltd27.05.2015-02.06.2015
15.   In Plant trainingNeyveli Lignite Corporation03.06.2015-10.06.2015
16.   In Plant trainingCode Bind Technologies04.07.2015
17.   In Plant trainingCode Bind technologies26.05.2015-30.06.2015
18.   In Plant trainingCode Bind Technologies04.07.2015
19.   Industrial VisitBHEL Ranipet06.09.2014
20.   Industrial VisitAGIIT26.09.2014

Sl. No.Name of Training Name of the institution/ industry /research lab Duration
1.       Industrial VisitRLT Instrumentation Ltd27.02.2014
2.       In Plant trainingChennai Petrochemical Corporation Ltd02.06.2014
3.       In Plant trainingTechnocrat automation13.07.2013
4.       In Plant trainingRobo Species Technolgy20.02.2014
5.       In Plant trainingRobo Species Technolgy208.03.2014
6.       In Plant trainingTechnocrat automation06.07.2014
7.       Industrial VisitEnnore Thermal Power Plant06.08.2013
8.       Industrial VisitAxis Global Instrumentation Pvt Ltd07.08.2013
9.       Industrial VisitAshok Leyland28.03.2013
10.   In Plant trainingAvant garde Engineers and consultants03.06.2013
11.   In Plant trainingSouthern Railway10.06.2013

Sl. No.Name of Training Name of the institution/ industry /research lab Duration
1.       Industrial VisitTechnocrat Pvt Ltd Chennai01.08.2012
2.       Industrial VisitVI Micro systems25.08.2012
3.       Industrial VisitNorth Chennai Power Station21.08.2012
4.       In Plant trainingDRDO28.05.2012-27.06.2012
5.       In Plant trainingGenset Care29.05.2012-12.06.2012
6.       In Plant trainingONGC28.05.2012-01.06.2012
7.       In Plant trainingFord India Pvt Ltd18.06.2012-26.06.2012
8.       In Plant trainingSri Ambal Pipes Erode04.06.2012-14.06.2012